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A Sincere “Thank You”

How Do We Thank a Veteran for his or her Service?


Every American should be humble enough to thank a veteran. But, many times, an empty gesture comes across. Do we really understand what their service truly means to us? Have we really thought about the time they missed while we were making a stable family life, an opportunity to advance in our careers for competitive salaries and securing our futures?

If we really want to honor our veterans, we need to do something more substantive than shaking their hand (-that doesn’t mean drop the hand shaking). During these times, I understand,  it’s difficult for many of us to donate money. But if you are one of the rare, give money to your community Veterans and Veterans’ Groups.

Everyone has something of value to give. The gifts that mean the most are those that have thought put into them. Volunteer at events focused on helping Veterans or offer your expertise because time is money. Use your skills and be more than a stranger to your community Veterans. Take the time to listen when they are speaking. If you listen to them, you will figure out how you can thank them.

There’s more work to be done. The Veterans fought so that we could keep our communities and it’s up to us to keep our communities. By this I mean, anytime spent volunteering for the community adds to the efforts the veterans have already put forth.

Featured Veterans

Hilton Hendershot
Frank Grandstaff
Okla E Edgell
John Kanouff, Jr.
Nick Opas
Arthur  Vincent
Robert  Haney
David  Willis
James  Neely
Kenneth  Hickman
John  Vessecchia
James McCue
Stephen  Thompson
John Lewis
Bernadine Linn
Joe  Saporito
Austin Rush
William Miller, III
Johnnie Johnson
William Miller, Jr.
George Davis, III
David Tucker
Harry Smith
Porter Stiles
Harold S. “Deacon” Duvall
Charles Rab Snider
Harrison C. Summers
Thomas E. Slider
John Jensen, Jr.
Louis J. Zeke Trupo
Fred DeMary
Paul E. Lawrence
Zolie John Uveges
Paul F. McCue
Franklin Beaird
Joe Phillip DeMary
James Aubrey Stewart
John DeMary
Ray H. Richards
Charles C. Terry
Carey Taylor, Jr.
George Belloni, Sr.
Troy S. Bailey
Carroll C. Martin
James M. Constable
Asa J. Davison
Tremaine L. Chisolm
Joe Karpis
Pervis M. Bates
Ernest J. Scott Sr.
Henry C. Chisolm
Alfred C. Uveges
Richard Aamot
Michael T. Wilson
Frank Muscar
George E. Morris
Joseph Weeks
Kenneth Wilhelm
Robert N. Suppa
Donald Hayhurst
Paul Buege
Terry M. Bunner
Frederick A. Price
Knowlen B. Thompson
Clarence Robert Stewart
Charles Carpenter
James Lloyd Thompson
Edward Payson McCray
George “Spanky” Roberts
Kenneth E. Satterfield
Other Hargro
Edward L. Morgan
Charles M. Bunner
Harold Fetty
Miriam McCaw
Columbus Carpenter
William C. Price, Sr.
William “Sport” Holloway
David A. Price
George Belloni, Sr
Keith Johnson
Byron Birdsell
Bernard E. Kisner
Robert Compton