Unit # 8 Designing Brand Identity Applications: Advertising and Promotional Design
Print and Digital
Course Page Estimated Duration Unit Cover Page Duration
Click to Return to Course Page Implementing Digital Identities, Responsive Frameworks, Animation and Video, Style Sheet to Style Guide 3wks 14
Unit Rationale Outcomes #s- 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7  
Unit Goal Self Promotion: Illustrate Process of Design  
Unit Prior Knowledge Unit #1-7, PR OFAD 2250  
Unit Assessment IDEA #s- 1-12: Project Assessments, Labs, Videos, Sketchbook, Notes, Discussion 200 Assess
Lesson # (Click on the LP# to jump to that LP) Estimated # of days Lesson Objective
Lesson Assessment
Benchmarks, Standards or
Mastery Codes
LP1 7 Objective: Stipulate your Logo Identity Guidelines 100pts
Assessment: Take Home Exam with Skill Sets  
LP2 7 Objective: Digital Process Portfolio 100pts
Assessment: Project and Formal Presentation