Taking Control, Learning to Swallow your Pride
Unit 5 LP2
# of Days 1   Addendums Resources
LP Prior Knowledge Unit #1-4, Unit #5 LP1, PR OFAD 2250 Differentiation    
Lesson Objective Taking Control and Learning to Swallow Your Pride  
Lesson Assessment Lecture and Discussion Changes for Next Time    
Benchmarks or Standards No Assessment (Dates)    
Materials Needed Logo Love Design Book or eBook Link Unit 6    
Time Student Learning Task or Activity METHOD Teacher Activity  
105min Your Book Author Lecture Chapter eight

The art of the conversation 118
Deal with the decision-maker 119
Rule #1: Conspire to help 124
Rule #2: Avoid intermediation 126
Rule #3: Take control 128
Rule #4: Keep the committee involved 132
Don’t forget to under-promise and then 134
over-deliver Swallow that pride 136