Modeling Tools Lab
Unit 6 LP2
# of Days 1   Addendums Resources
LP Prior Knowledge Unit #1-5, Unit #6 LP1, PR OFAD 2250 Differentiation    
Lesson Objective Modeling Tools Exercise  
Lesson Assessment Lab Exercise Changes for Next Time    
Benchmarks or Standards 100pts
Materials Needed Mac Labs, Adobe Illustrator Software, Overhead Projection Screen, Card Stock LP3    
Time Student Learning Task or Activity METHOD Teacher Activity 100.00
105min Students participate in the following Lab exercise:
To gear up for our modeling project for our branding campaign, we must know how to use the 3d tools in Adobe Illustrator. We need to do a basic tutorial that will teach us how to use these design tools. Create an Easter Card that you can print on your printer (front and back) for a family member or friend that celebrates Easter. [Alternative: a greeting card with elliptical spheres that require you use the same design tools in this tutorial.] You must incorporate the following tutorial by doing at least six different eggs (spherical objects) with six different designs. These eggs must illustrate 3d characteristics, so you must use the 3d tools in Adobe Illustrator to do this. Upload your exported pdf template. Print this card on card stock and trim and fold it. Turn it in to be graded:
Lab Work Tool Demonstration
Rubric Evaluation, Grade Value- 100pts
Student Samples
  Student One sample one rubric one no marks  
  Student Two sample two rubric two no marks  
  Student Three sample three rubric three no marks  
Blackboard Column/Assignment Statistics May 3, 2014  
Count 10 Comments    
Minimum Value 70    
Maximum Value 100    
Range 30    
Average 89.7    
Median 91.5    
Standard Deviation 10.53    
Variance 110.81    
Status Distribution    
Null 2 Comments    
In Progress 0    
Needs Grading 0    
Exempt 0    
Grade Distribution    
Greater than 100 0 Comments    
90 - 100 8    
80 - 89 0    
70 - 79 2    
60 - 69 0    
50 - 59 0    
40 - 49 0    
30 - 39 0    
20 - 29 0    
10 - 19 0    
0 - 9 0    
Less than 0 0