Scaleable and Motion Graphics on the Web
Unit 7 LP4
# of Days 2   Addendums Resources
LP Prior Knowledge Unit #1-6, Unit #7 LP1-3, PR OFAD 2250 Differentiation    
Lesson Objective Logo Illustrations on the Web  
Lesson Assessment Project Assignment Changes for Next Time    
Benchmarks or Standards 100pts
Materials Needed Responsive Web Page Directory, Mac Lab or Personal Computer, Project Instructions Unit 8    
Time Student Learning Task or Activity METHOD Teacher Activity 100.00
2 hours Logo Illustration on a Web Page:
Using your existing logo from your midterm project assignment, design a webpage that uses this logo as a favicon and incorporates an animated logo with this design as well. Place the standard logo on the page as well. The following are tutorial suggestions:
For the favicon:
For the animated logo:
For review on using Adobe Dreamweaver to set up a web page:
You may work in a group (but you are not required to remain in a group) to accomplish this assignment but the assignment must be uploaded independently for a grade. (Note- You may make changes to the logo, but changes must be done to all the elements of the final project package). You may place the animated logo as a banner but are not required to use it as the banner so long as it is on the page somewhere. Use a color scheme from your logo for your web page. I will grade on your web page design along with the logo designs. See Rubric.
Compress the web page folder with all assets, and then upload it to this assignment dropbox.
Rubric Evaluation, Grade Value- 100pts Link
Student Samples
  Student One sample one rubric one  
  Student Two sample two rubric two  
  Student Three sample three rubric three  
Blackboard Column/Assignment Statistics May 3, 2014
Count 9 Comments    
Minimum Value 0    
Maximum Value 100    
Range 100    
Average 79.33    
Median 98    
Standard Deviation 31.23    
Variance 975.33    
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0 - 9 1    
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