Formal Presentation
Unit 8 LP2
# of Days 7   Addendums Resources
LP Prior Knowledge   Differentiation    
Lesson Objective Digital Process Portfolio  
Lesson Assessment Project and Formal Presentation Changes for Next Time    
Benchmarks or Standards 100pts
Materials Needed Mac Labs or Personal Computer, Online Resources:
Print Stock 11 x 17, Print Shop
Course Page    
Time Student Learning Task or Activity METHOD Teacher Activity 100.00
4 hours Final Project DUE 5/8 3330
Illustrate your creative process for the branding package that you have completed thus far in this class by designing pages similar to following. Note- It is not necessary to create the web page. You can assemble this in document form and export it out in pdf or presentation. Your presentation must be formally presented and must contain all of your design choices and actions you have accomplished in each process; for example, you want to include your color palette and font choice and then explain why you made these choices:
Be prepared to present this to your class on May 8 @ 1:00pm. Print all materials that you have completed for this brand and turn them into your instructor. Upload a compressed folder that contains your presentation and assets. This dropbox has one attempt.
Final Project Set Aside Additional Lab Time
Final Project Rubric Evaluation, Grade Value- 100pts

Print Package:
Stationary, Business Card, Label, Mottos, Taglines and Slogans, Style Sheets, Model, Style Guides and Presentation PDF.
Student Samples
  Student One sample one rubric one  
  Student Two sample two rubric two  
  Student Three sample three rubric three