Unit # 4 Production

Testing and revisions
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Unit Rationale Outcomes #s- 1,3,4,5 moving towards 6  
Unit Goal Expand on the Concepts of sketching as a process for user experience design. Learn to give and accept critiques of design ideas in a constructive manner. Demonstrate skills for low-fidelity prototyping and describe the strengths and weaknesses of a variety of prototyping methods. Appreciate the process of user experience design as a cyclical, iterative process  
Unit Prior Knowledge PR, Unit 1 - 3 Unit Value
Unit Assessment IDEA #s- 1-12: Project Assessments, Labs, Response Journal, Sketchbook, Videos, Notes, Discussion 100
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LP1 1 Objective: Sequential Storyboards Made for the User Interface Lecture/Discussion  
Assessment: Lecture/Discussion + Read pgs 299- 392- Visual Story Telling  
LP2 1 Objective: Animated Sequences Lecture/Discussion  
Assessment: Lecture/Discussion + Read pg 393-End- Are You Talking to Me?  
LP3 1 Objective: Twelve Principles of Animation Assignment Rubric 100
Assessment: Lecture/Assignment "User Experience Story Boards"