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Unit 1 Lesson Plan 3  
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Lesson Assessment Slideshow, Assignment One- "What Causes You Daily Anxiety?" Changes for Next Time    
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Materials Needed "Sketching User Experiences: Getting the Design Right and the Right Design" Bill Buxton
Instructor's Book Notes- Highlighted: Black Board Access
Overhead Projection Screen
Mac Labs or access to a personal computer
Sketching Tools
Differentiation Resources    
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    Lecture Outline:
1. Sketching is about design, not just drawing
2. The design process
• get the right design
• then get that design right
3. The design funnel is
• an interplay between elaboration and reduction
• generate and elaborate designs
• choose and reduce between designs
4. Design in product development
• use the design funnel to develop ideas with
the best ones considered for green/red light appraisal
  Assignment One- What causes you daily anxiety?:

Watch the Introduction first. Illustrate the malfunction of your Device that causes you anxiety then illustrate the optimal way the device should function. Use your own innovation. Do this by using a combination of pictures and words. Must be at least 8.5 x 11. You may use software or paper and pen but you must upload it to the blackboard dropbox optimized as a web pdf. So, if you use paper, scan it in with your printer. Make sure you follow instructions and do proper optimization. This is due Jan 23rd at 8:00pm. Your illustration needs to be understood by others.
Assignment Assignment Rubric- Grade Value: 100pts  
Student Samples  
  Student One sample one rubric one  
  Student Two sample two rubric two  
  Student Three sample three rubric three  
BlackBoard Column Statistics Assignment One and Two Apr 30  
Count 15 Comments    
Minimum Value 0    
Maximum Value 100    
Range 100    
Average 80.87    
Median 96    
Standard Deviation 32.37    
Variance 1047.72    
Status Distribution    
Null 0 Comments    
In Progress 0    
Needs Grading 0    
Exempt 0    
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Greater than 100 0 Comments    
90 - 100 9    
80 - 89 4    
70 - 79 0    
60 - 69 0    
50 - 59 0    
40 - 49 0    
30 - 39 0    
20 - 29 0    
10 - 19 0    
0 - 9 2    
Less than 0 0