Twelve Principles of Animation  
Unit 4 Lesson Plan 3  
# of Days 1   Addendums  
LP Prior Knowledge   Differentiation    
Lesson Objective Twelve Principles of Animation  
Lesson Assessment Lecture/Assignment "User Experience Story Boards" Changes for Next Time    
Benchmarks or Standards Assignment Rubric (Dates)    
Materials Needed Mac labs or personal computer, Adobe Illustrator or vector drawing application open source, overhead projection, access to Black Board, Sketchbook and Tools, Book, Instructor's Notes on Animation. Differentiation Resources    
Time Student Learning Task or Activity METHOD Teacher Activity  
    Lecture  Twelve Principles of Animation
  Assignment Five:

Now that you have practiced with your drawing tools in Adobe illustrator and worked with your project proposal and map, you should be ready to create story boards illustrating your issue that causes you daily anxiety, your ideas to transition through to a better change and your final results- the resolution. If you read your book and listened to the lectures, you should understand annotations, transitions, and some general sketching practices that graphic designers implement when putting together storyboards. Start by using your sketchbook or a general storyboard template. Sketch your story by illustrating each and all transitions. You may annotate and use text where you need to, but keep your story lines short depending more on illustrations to tell viewers the story. To be well illustrated, something of this nature certainly would require at least 12 or more frames. Once you have sketched these with a pencil, scan them. Use the scans as templates in Adobe Illustrator. Refine these by using your drawing tools. Remember, you are a designer you can implement tracing to get the job done. Export these storyboards out as pdfs into a folder. Label the folder as Storyboards_yourname. Compress it and upload it.
Assignment Assignment Rubric- Grade Value: 100pts  
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