"The Meeting" pitching your idea anytime and all the time  
Unit 5 Lesson Plan 1  
# of Days 1   Addendums  
LP Prior Knowledge PR, Unit 1-4 Differentiation    
Lesson Objective "The Meeting" pitching your idea anytime and all the time  
Lesson Assessment Lecture/Review and Assignment Changes for Next Time    
Benchmarks or Standards Assignment Rubric (Dates)    
Materials Needed Assignment Two Complete, Focus Group, Mac Labs or Personal Computers, Interactive software application, overhead projection screen, Black Board access, Printer Differentiation Resources    
Time Student Learning Task or Activity METHOD Teacher Activity  
  Students must have Assignment Two Completed. Lecture/Review Lecture Outline:

• arrange meetings with colleagues, mentors, users, etc.
• you are explicitly seeking feedback at opportune times
Training your audience and yourself
• stress you will get more value if they
o state strengths but also expose weak ideas
o state what could be improved
o state how to improve it (design alternatives)
• take turns (round robin, several rounds)
o 1st person: what they like
o 2nd person: what could be improved.
• listen
o don’t defend / discuss your work as people provide feedback
• open up a discussion around their key points
o get them to clarify issues and to discuss solutions
  Assignment Seven:
Marketing Survey Assignment DUE 4/29

See Game Survey PDF Template
Marketing Survey Assignment

From the pre-existing game assignment that we did earlier this semester, use the game you created to complete this assignment. Define a focus group for your particular game and choose five active game players (minimum) that fit your categories. Have each complete a survey (20 questions minimum) that pertains to helping you improve your product, service or company in some way. Attached is an example of a survey you may use or edit to suit your needs. After completing the surveys, use the constructive criticism to your advantage to improve the game by evaluating each question. Type your evaluations for each question. Attach to this drop box a compressed folder that contains the pre-existing game, the five completed surveys, the evaluation and the new and improved game. For best results to the survey, do not let the survey participant know that you created the game.
  Assignment Rubric- Grade Value 100pts Game
Student Samples  
  Student One sample one rubric one no marks  
  Student Two sample two rubric two  
  Student Three sample three rubric three  
Blackboard Column/Assignment Statistics Apr 30  
Count 11 Comments    
Minimum Value 50    
Maximum Value 100    
Range 50    
Average 76.36    
Median 80    
Standard Deviation 17.64    
Variance 311.14    
Status Distribution    
Null 4 Comments    
In Progress 0    
Needs Grading 1    
Exempt 0    
Grade Distribution    
Greater than 100 0 Comments    
90 - 100 4    
80 - 89 2    
70 - 79 0    
60 - 69 2    
50 - 59 3    
40 - 49 0    
30 - 39 0    
20 - 29 0    
10 - 19 0    
0 - 9 0    
Less than 0 0