Animating Stories  
Unit 6 Lesson Plan 1  
# of Days 1   Addendums  
LP Prior Knowledge Unit 1-5, PR Differentiation    
Lesson Objective Animating Stories  
Lesson Assessment Lecture/Assignment Animated Sequence/Narration Changes for Next Time    
Benchmarks or Standards Lecture
Materials Needed Mac Labs or Personal Computer with Movie/Presentation software, Storyboards from previous assignment, Blackboard Access, Instructor's Notes, Project Proposal Assignment Differentiation Resources    
Time Student Learning Task or Activity METHOD Teacher Activity  
Download the animated sequence presentation from the workbook and watch it
Project Sample for the next assignment.
Tutorial for this sample.
Basic Demo Lecture for After Effects, Timelines and Flash
Using PowerPoint to Animate a Story.
Text Presentation in PowerPoint.
  To practice annotations and transitions, put together a presentation that illustrates your project proposal in detail starting with the problem then moving to the solution. Include your animations from your storyboards by implementing transitions with motion paths or effects from key frame to key frame. There are various ways to add storyboards to time lines, animate them and then export them out as a presentation. Two of these include Microsoft PowerPoint or Adobe Flash. What software you use is up to you. Your stipulations are as follows:
1) A timed visual and audio presentation 5-7 minutes long.
2) Your Story (including problem as well as solution) demonstrated by at least 10 motion paths (moving from left to right, top to bottom, etc.) and 7 effects (fade in, bounce out, etc.)
3) Must contain all important proposal information (your story, your financials, your market, your production needs, etc.).
4) Five effects and 5 transitions added outside of the story for further practice. Implement these into items like headlines, slide transitions or pop-ups.
5) See assignment rubric.

A couple of basic tutorials in flash:
A powerful text presentation tutorial in Microsoft PowerPoint:
Learn further functions independently. It will depend on how you choose to present this as to how you need to export the files. For example, if you would be presenting this as a white board presentation, you would most likely use Microsoft PowerPoint exporting the file out as a .ppsx (the presention slide show) saving it as .pptx (the working file) unless you made a transitional timed slide show, then you save it as a .mov. In Adobe Flash you can export out as .mov, .swf, etc and save as .fla (working file). Never the less, I want both files the working file and the exported show. So place them both in a folder, compress it then upload it to this assignment dropbox.
Assignment Assignment Rubric:Grade Value 100pts  
Student Samples  
  Student One sample one rubric one  
  Student Two sample two rubric two  
  Student Three sample three rubric three  
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