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Fairchild R4Q-2 Flying Boxcar

Fairchild R4Q-2 Flying Boxcar

Designed to carry cargo, personnel, mechanical equipment, litter patients, and to drop cargo and troops by parachute, the American military transport aircraft developed in the WWII era from the Fairchild C-82 Packet that became known as the “Flying Boxcar” was… Continue reading “Fairchild R4Q-2 Flying Boxcar”

The paperclip was used as a symbol of resistance during World War II. In the autumn of 1940, students at Oslo University started wearing paperclips on their lapels as a non-violent symbol of resistance, unity, and national pride. Symbols related to the royal family and state had already been banned, so they came up with a clever way of displaying their rejection of the Nazi ideology. In addition to wearing a single paperclip, paperclip bracelets and other types of jewelry were fashioned, symbolically binding Norwegians together in the face of such adversity.

Not My Best Christmas

Charles M Bunner

After basic training at Ft Jackson SC, MSG E-8 Charles Bunner completed AMMO school at Aberdeen Proving Grounds in 1955 then served in South Korea as an E-3 and E-4 in two separate ammunition companies of the Eighth Army.  In 1956, he was assigned to an ammunition company at Ft. Knox, Kentucky.

It was near Christmas of 1956 that Charles was on his way home from Ft. Knox, Kentucky when he had to stop to have his 1951 Plymouth repaired. He got off Route near Louisville eventually correcting his route but it was late, pushing 3am, and he began to get very drowsy so he asked his passenger who was a fellow West Virginian from Elkins to take over the wheel. So, he drifted off as a passenger in his own vehicle while being taxied.

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