James Aubrey Stewart

James Aubrey Stewart

TECH/SGT James Aubrey Stewart

U.S. Army WWII 1942-1944

One of the Wereth 11
Piedmont, WV

James Aubrey Stewart was one of the 11 African-American Soldiers serving in the U.S. Army’s 333rd Field Artillery Unit during the Battle of the Bulge of WWII. The unit was overrun by German troops and then captured and forced to march across country to a POW camp. The 11 captured soldiers (including James Aubrey Stewart) escaped and made their way to the small Belgium town of Wereth where they were hidden by a local family from the Germans. Once the Germans arrived in the town of Wereth in search of these escaped soldiers, others in the town gave up their whereabouts. Captured again the 11 soldiers were forced to an open field where German Soldiers tortured, mutilated and then executed the 11 American soldiers.
Aubrey Stewart and his comrades lay in the snow for two months until villagers directed a unit of the U.S. 99th Infantry Division to their bodies. Army autopsies revealed broken bones and bayonet wounds. This was never brought to light in America.

Wereth 11 Poster from the Movie, "The Wereth 11"
The Wereth Eleven Movie Cover. Photograph from Janson Media. The Author and Director is Robert Child and Executive Producer is late Joseph Small.
Contact Kip Price at (304) 366-4139 for further information about the Wereth 11 and the passing of a resolution bill to finally bring the overdue recognition to the eleven soldiers that gave their lives for our freedom.